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Houston Custom Foam, Houston, TX

When you invest in a quality firearm, camera, tool, electronic, or other piece of equipment, you want to protect it and ensure years of use. A sturdy box or carrying case can only do so much when the gun, camera, or tool bounces and bangs around inside. Protect your investment with the help of Houston Custom Foam. We provide custom foam cases in Houston, TX, for the safe and secure transportation of firearms, cameras, tools, and much more. Contact us today at (713) 805-4886 to get started.

Custom Storage and Transport
Solutions for Sports and Industry

Houston Custom Foam outfits Pelican and Plano cases with custom foam liners, explicitly designed for your item. Our design process ensures a snug fit and maximum protection for your gun, electronics, or other valuables. This durable, lightweight foam is perfect for case liners as it fully supports the contents of the case while adding hardly any extra weight. Our extremely accurate manufacturing process allows us to create highly customized designs to fit a variety of needs, whether for ammunition, parts, memory cards, cables, or whatever you need to bring along for a day in the field or at the job site.

We begin with a tracing of the item’s shape on paper, which is then digitized, converted, cleaned up, and added to our library of files. Next, the computer generates a layout, and any final tweaks are made. After approval, we’ll cut the pieces for your liner with our pin-point accurate CNC router. After completion, you’ll have your custom case liner in just a few days!

FFL Transfers

When purchasing firearms online, federal law requires that the guns be received and transferred to you by a local FFL, or Federal Firearms Licensee. Houston Custom Foam is a Federal Firearms Licensee in Houston, TX, and accepts incoming firearms shipments for transfer. Please bring a valid Texas Driver’s License, your TX CHL/LTC, and cash or credit card when you come to pick up your item(s) as there is a transfer fee of $25 per firearm. Transfers are free for Police Officers. To learn more about the FFL Transfer process, and what you’ll need to have ready, click here. If a client has a license to carry, the cost for FFL transfers is $25. Cost without is $35.

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Protect your firearms, cameras, tools, electronics, and more with the help of Houston Custom Foam. We provide custom foam cases in Houston, TX, for safe and secure transportation. Contact us today at (713) 805-4886 to get started.

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